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Finding Sthira:
Anatomy of Core Strength and
Balance in Yoga Asana
Sunday, April 29
12:30-3:30 PM
Location: Dave's Ashtanga, Scottsdale AZ

Core strength is much more that the abdominal muscles! Just about all of the muscles between the knees and the waist comprise the core strength that we need for balance and stability - both on and off the mat.  This workhsop will be a combination of lecture, discussion and asana application.


Workshop Objectives:


1. Identify and activate key muscles of the abdominal wall, back, hips and thighs that will improve core strength and balance in Yoga asana practices


2. Learn the three mechanisms in the body that help the body find balance. Learn how to effectively engage them in Yoga​ asana


3. Gain a greater understanding of the bandhas in Yoga


4. Increase stability while transitioning between Yoga postures during flow formats


5. Learn precise verbal cues that will help you (or your students) improve stability


Benefits of Improved Core Strength:


  • Reduced back pain

  • Fall prevention

  • Improved posture and energy

  • Gain confidence in nearly all physical activities


All levels welcome. Designed for dedicated students or teachers of Yoga asana. Students will receive handouts on class content. Please be prepared to take notes if desired.



35.00 for one person OR 60.00 for two people (must register together)

Drop in 40.00 per person, cash/check only please for drop in's

Add the 'Core Strengthening Vinyasa Practice' for an additional 10.00 upon registration for the workshop:


Asanam: The qualities of a yoga posture
Sthira: steadfast, stable, effort, strength
Sukham: ease, delight, joy, pleasant

Patanjali's Yoga Sutras 2.46

AYTT Students, please send a registration request to via the contact link below. You will be contacted within 24 hrs with confirmation & payment options. Thank you!

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