Asana & Adjustments Using Principles of Functional Anatomy
Special Focus: Forward Bending and Back Bending Postures
June 11: 1:00-4:00 PM 
Teacher: Tish Hegel, BS Kinesiology, ACSM CPT, E-RYT
Location: Dave's Ashtanga,  7950 E Redfield Rd #170, Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Registration: 40.00 pre-registration| 45.00 day of 

This workshop is designed for teachers or dedicated students of Yoga. We will be covering the movement mechanics for 

forward bending and back bending postures  Partner assisted adjustments and self adjusting will be applied to both categories of postures. 

Learning the underlying movement patterns of the muscles involved in forward bends and back bends, and the skeletal alignment for each category can greatly improve your understanding of posture adjustments.While there are many types of forward bends (standing, seated, wide angle, asymmetrical, etc.) and many types of back bends (facing up (supine), facing down (prone), kneeling, etc.) the body mechanics for each of these postures groups is very much the same. We will cover the important alignment principles for each category to help you recognize movement patterns and use them in your adjustments. 

Whether you are assisting a student in a posture, or trying to align your own body, this workshop will provide you with immediate improvement in both practicing and teaching forward bending and back bending postures. 

You will learn: 

  • How the position of the pelvis effects the spine in forward bends and back bends.

  • How to improve forward bends and back bends when there is tightness in the hips and thighs.

  • Recognizing when you (or a student) is compensating for muscle/fascia tightness in forward bends and back bends and how to help.

  • Recognizing when a forward bends and back bends are less safe and less effective than they could (and should) be. 

  • Improving safety and effectiveness when practicing and adjusting forward bends and back bends. 

  • Applying effective breathing patterns (at the correct time) to improve forward bends and back bends.

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