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Healthy Back Bending: Opening the Heart & Finding Joy in Back Bends

workshop & practice

WHEN: Sunday, February 17th, 12:00 PM - 3:30 PM

WHERE: Gilbert Yoga, 6 E Palo Verde St #11, Gilbert, AZ 85296

TEACHER: Tish Hegel, BS Kinesiology, ACSM CPT, E-RYT


If you cringe at the thought of back bends and avoid them at all costs, you are not alone and this class is for you. Yes, there are students that are naturally blessed with a flexible spine, but most of us struggle to find comfort and ease when attempting to bend backwards. In this workshop we will discuss key concepts and techniques to help you understand (and maybe even enjoy!) back bend postures. Attend one or both sessions. Session I is a lecture and discussion, Session II is application of the material presented in session I during a complete asana (yoga posture) practice. It is not necessary to attend the workshop to join the practice session. RYT's earn 3.5 CEU's for the Yoga Alliance if you attend both sessions.


In this session you will learn:

  • The role of the 'iliopsoas' (iliacus and psoas) muscles in backbends

  • Breathing mechanics and bandhas in back bends

  • Overcoming fear in back bends

  • Understanding the spine in backbends

  • The pelvic tilt and engaging the bandhas and back bends

  • Different types of back bends and identifying which one may be better for your body

  • How to safely & effectively modify back bends in a Yoga class to suit your body


In this practice session we will: 

Apply the information presented in the lecture and discussion session

Practice a slow, progressive series of back bends that everyone will feel success in

Start with mild, beginner back bends and gradually progress toward deeper postures

Learn to identify individual limits in back bends and strategies for working safely within those limits during class

Apply breathing techniques in back bends to relieve tension, bring mindfulness mindfulness, slow down and increase the joy while back-bending

Balance the back bending practice with a series of forward bends, core strengthening and twists

Each student will receive handouts with an outline of the information covered and the backbend progression sequence. 

Designed for dedicated students and teachers of Yoga. All levels welcome, all that is required is a beginner's mind and a desire to learn more about your body in back-bending postures.


40.00 for both sessions, one student

65.00 for both sessions, two students (must register together)

28.00 for workshop only, one student

18.00 practice only, one student

YACEP (1).png

“Only from the heart can you touch the sky.”

~ Rumi 

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