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Virtual Functional Anatomy Program 
For teacher and students of Yoga

Six part series of workshops 
June 14 - Planes of Motion, Joints, Muscles, Spinal Curves
June 28 - Core Strength | Bandhas, Breathing, Twists 

July 12 - Muscles of the Back | Back Bends & Forward Bends

July 26 - Mechanics of Balance
Aug 9 - Pelvic Girdle & Knees | Standing Asanas
Aug 23 - Shoulder Girdle | Upper Back & Neck

Entire Series: 200.00

Individual Workshops 40.00 each

RYT's earn 18 CEUs or 3.0 CEU/workshop 

Training Man
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Balancing is a form of meditation. In this workshop you will learn the three ways the brain helps our body to find balance and how to apply them to your Yoga practice. Often the most challenging category of postures in Yoga, efforts to balance can lead to frustration and disappointment. Join us in learning the anatomy of balancing and find improvement in just one session. We will begin with a lecture and discussion on the anatomy of balance and common mistakes made in Yoga before applying the information to a complete asana practice. All levels welcome.


  • How the eyes, ears and joints aid in balancing

  • Detecting the center of gravity in the body and the base of support in asana

  • The importance of a stable foundation to balance upon

  • What is moola bandha, drishti and axial extension, and why they are essential to balance postures

  • Types of balance postures in Yoga with tips for success in each category

  • The seven common mistakes made in both leg and arm balances and how to correct them.

  • Exploration of the following postures tree (vrksasana), half moon (ardha chandrasana), dancer (natarajasana), extended hand to big toe (utthita hasta padangusthasana) and bakasana (crow). Additional postures may be covered if there are requests and if time allows. 


40.00 per person or 65.00 for two people for full workshop only

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