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With a practice of yoga that began in 1987, Tish has developed a knowledge of Yoga that as evolved and deepened throughout many life stages. She has practiced Yoga through child bearing years, injury rehabilitation, chronic back pain and two hip replacements. These life experiences, along with the experience of gaining and losing excess body weight, have enabled Tish to empathize with the many challenges to a practice of Yoga. Tish draws from these experiences, along with her knowledge of body mechanics learned while earning her BS degree in Kinesiology from Arizona State University, in every class she teaches. Her enthusiastic and passionate approach to Yoga is conveyed through constant encouragement of her students and efforts to make a Yoga practice accessible to anyone who is eager to improve their mobility, functional capacity and ultimately their quality of life.

After nine years of planning, creating and operating Hegel Yoga in Tempe, AZ , in 2017 Tish answered the call for change and sold the studio to begin a new adventure in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Tish now travels back and forth often between Idaho and Arizona to teach workshops, private sessions, special events and group classes.



"After only the second session, suddenly my Iyengar teacher is telling me "you've got it" or "now you're getting it" without needing to fine tune me, and it's because I'm understanding what should be going on at a deeper level. That's priceless! Lots of information yes, but deconstructing the asanas is fascinating as I'm not a teacher, just a dedicated student. Tish shares her knowledge in a comprehensible way and often offers further explanation if you're not quite understanding the material."

-Jane S., Anatomy & Kinesiology Student, 2023

"I have been a student of Tish' since 2008. I am so grateful to have found Tish, and stayed with her because I felt she was true to the practice of real yoga. Tish has a unique perspective to teaching yoga because of her Bachelors in Kinesiology. She deeply understands the benefits of moving the body in specific ways and pairs it with her knowledge and experience in yoga philosophy and practice. Tish is able to gauge her students' needs and tailor your yoga experience, while giving different students various options while in a group class. Tish really makes yoga approachable for anyone. Yoga to me is a way of life, and thank you Tish for bringing me back to a regular practice of yoga."


-Amrita S. RYT 200, Phoenix AZ,  2022

"I have been taking Tish’s classes for several years and her teachings have been so beneficial in helping me build a stronger body and a more mindful yoga practice.  She is unique in her incorporation of isometric postures and specific breathing techniques.  Every class is a special session as Tish asks the students on what they would like to concentrate and then tailors the practice for them, doing so without hesitation or confusion. Her cues are so specific that the students can follow without even watching, which is so helpful in staying in the body.  The classes are never repetitive or boring. I have had many yoga instructors over the last 40 years and Tish is by far the most knowledgeable, careful and attentive."

- Julie M., Spokane WA, 2021

"Tish Hegel is a master teacher and a teacher's teacher. Over the past 12 years I have taught at her studio in Arizona and taken many of her classes and workshops. The depth of her knowledge and practice of yoga is impressive, profound and inspiring. Even more so is the clarity, compassion, and professionalism with which she delivers this knowledge to students of all levels and backgrounds. Having studied with numerous, renowned master teachers over the years, I can easily say that Tish is of that caliber and that I feel  immensely blessed to  practice with her and learn from her! I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in practicing yoga or becoming a yoga teacher." 


- Monica P., E-RYT 500, Barcelona, Spain 2021 

"Tish is super great and down to earth (possibly one of my favorite teachers of all time -- and I've had many), and meets you where you are. Highly recommend!"

-Betty L., Rensselaer, NY 2016

"Tish Hegel never ceases to amaze me. Yesterday I attended her 2nd annual health & wellness symposium and boy was it delicious. I left there craving even more in depth information about the yoga's eight limbs. My practice and knowledge certainly feels deepened but not fed yet. There is so much to learn on this journey. I can't wait for more workshops of this sort and Hegel Yoga constantly delivers.Tish is hands down the best yoga teacher ever. She is joyful and helpful in everything she does. Her studio is incredibly clean and inviting. She tells you the benefit of why you are doing something and adjusts you to ensure you are doing it safely and correctly. I could do her classes with my eyes shut, which is a testament to how well she cues verbally."

-Danielle L, Scottsdale, AZ 2015

"By far the BEST yoga studio I've ever been to-I've been practicing off and on for 15+ years. Tish and her instructors are fantastic! They really take the time with their students and make sure to go at everyone's pace. In addition they often introduce new classes to switch it up a bit. I just wish I were able to go to more classes!

-Sarah G, Seattle, WA 2015

"I've been doing yoga for 3 years at home, video, random spa classes, workshops and the gym. This yoga has changed me forever! I'm hooked. From the first moment I walked in Tish greeted me, got to know me and learned my name. She is welcoming every time and knows her people. She is consistent and hands on, and so welcoming! The cool thing, is it doesn't matter who you are or what you need you get it here! Tish is an AMAZING teacher and wealth of information. I've learned more about yoga in 1 month than I have in 3 years. She also makes you feel good no matter what level you're at, is hands on with adjustments, reminds you it's your practice and it doesn't matter if you can bind yourself into a pretzel or barely touch the floor - you will fit in. AND you'll get what you need!"

-Lori E, Phoenix AZ 2014

"Tish is the best yoga teacher you will ever have. She teaches with the most encouraging, energetic style-- every single class! You can really tell how passionate she is about teaching and helping people to heal their bodies with yoga. Tish has a way of explaining the postures and giving anatomical cues that just make things click. She is very active during class, always adjusting and giving cues, but in the most non-obtrusive way possible. I didn't realize how unique this was until I moved away and found that in most yoga classes you will be lucky if the teacher even comes around and adjusts you once. I can't imagine having learned yoga anywhere else, as I probably would have been doing the postures completely incorrectly for years with no clue! Because Tish has such an active style of teaching, Hegel Yoga is wonderful place to go if you are new to yoga or suffering from an injury. (But you should know that Tish is equally loved by both beginners and advanced practitioners, alike!) When i started yoga, I had debilitating back pain and only came to yoga as a last resort. I am so glad I did." 

- Moira H, La Jolla, CA 2014

"I am 35 and have chronic pain. I have two implants. I knew that I needed to start doing SOMETHING for myself to help my physical and mental health. I am currently unemployed because of my condition. I feel so old. I contacted Tish and asked her if she thought yoga could help me, and could I do it safely? Tish got back to me right away. She was very open to listening and talking about my concerns and my special needs. We agreed that a private lesson would be best for me before I dove head first into a class. I tend to embarrass easy so this was a great idea. The lesson was $75 and worth every penny. It was supposed to be 90 minutes but was closer to 2 hours. Tish showed me the basic positions and paid close attention to me making sure I did not get injured. She did not make me feel bad or silly when I needed more instruction. She made sure I was safe and that I could communicate what I was feeling and thinking through the whole process. She has a very relaxed attitude and puts off a friendly and supportive vibe the whole time. She asks for permission before she touches you and when she does it is very respectful and professional. Not always a huge concern for men but I can see where this would matter to many people. I was worried about looking silly or being the most out of shape person ever.... neither were true."

-Todd W, Mesa, AZ 2013

"When it comes to yoga, Tish Hegel is the best around! She is very knowledgeable, professional, friendly and efficient, and it's always an experience where I feel better having been there!  Even though my practice could use a lot of work, I never feel judged.  The level of classes is from the very basic beginner to advanced, and I love the workshops!  

-Sch, Mesa, AZ 2013

"Tish is an amazing yoga instructor! I always feel safe and comfortable practicing in her class. She does not hesitate to come over and fix your positions (which I absolutely love, because hey, who goes to yoga to hurt themselves?). I also feel completely unjudged and free to modify positions to best suit me. I also love that Tish will stay and talk to you after class about how you did and what she noticed without feeling like I am being rushed out - amazing! I always leave this studio feeling great and excited for my next class."

-Allison S, Philadelphia, PA 2012

"Hegel Yoga has the best beginning yoga class I have ever taken. I felt like I really stretched and worked, but it wasn't so hard that I don't want to go back. She has other classes for people who are advanced, but I won't be attending those. I am sticking with her beginning class. Love it!"

-Janet R, San Diego, CA 2011

"I guess I didn't get a full appreciation for the experience she delivers. Since she was my first and for quite a while, only yoga instructor, I didn't really have any perspective. It's never as good as the first time, right I've had a couple of other instructors and am now going to ask any potential new instructors more questions than I'd ask my doctor: how long have you studied yoga? Where did you receive your training? What is your focus in yoga? A person can be "certified" for teaching yoga online for $50 in a week. Tish has been involved with yoga for 25 years and a kinesiology degree from ASU . Tish is able to offer any modifications and always reassures the entire class "whether you are in the full posture or a modification, everyone gets the same benefit". She refers to the sanskrit and english names of the postures and makes gentle suggestions to enhance each posture, so there is always room for improvement, and plateaus will come less frequently.I've had twisted ankles over the years, many problems with my left shoulder (a laundry list of injuries) and 6 years ago I broke my neck in a car accident which resulted in a spinal fusion and some tightness in my neck. Tish has been great accommodating these and is mindful of them, suggesting modifications as necessary."

- Tim T, Manhattan, NY 2010

"Tish Hegel is the best. I highly recommend her. I wouldn't bother writing a review if I didn't think she was. Greatest teacher I have ever had!"

-Collin B, Tempe, AZ 2010

"You will fall in love, just like all of us do. Veteran or novice, you'll feel at home even if you don't know what you're getting into. Of all the studios I've practiced in for the past 7 years, this is the first time I've felt I can truly check my self-conscious ego at the door. 

Tish is so encouraging and enthusiastic that I finally have confidence to try poses I didn't think I could do and am comfortable enough to lay low when I'm feeling my limits. KJ pushed me to take some poses to the next level when I was admittedly a little too lazy to take it up a notch. The class sizes are typically perfect so that you get enough attention when you need it. It feels cozy and familial.

-Kelly H, Phoenix, AZ, 2010

"Tish is an awesome teacher. She has immense experience and knowledge of yoga, which is definitely required to be a good teacher! I think having a good teacher is much more important than anything else, if you want to reach the level you want to in yoga. I am so lucky to have Tish as my guide to the yoga path I have set forth for myself! I would recommend this Tish to everyone, as its not just a studio, this place has some energy man!! I'm serious!"

-Vaneet S. Tempe, AZ 2010

"Tish Hegel, is simply outstanding-she has so many credentials, you have to read her biography for yourself. She has been practicing for a loooong time, and her hands-on instruction and confident voice echoes in my ears even now." 


- Bonnie, Tempe, AZ 2009

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