Tish Hegel BS Kinesiology, ACSM CPT, E-RYT


With a practice of yoga that began in 1987, Tish has developed a knowledge of Yoga that as evolved and deepened throughout many life stages. She has had to modify and apply her Yoga practice through child bearing years, rehabilitation following an auto accident, management of the chronic pain resulting from a spinal disc disease and aging. These life experiences, along with the experience of gaining and loosing excess body weight, have enabled Tish to empathize with many challenges to and approaches toward the practice of Yoga. Tish draws from these experiences, along with her knowledge of body mechanics learned while earning her BS degree in Kinesiology from Arizona State University in every class she teaches.  Her enthusiastic and passionate approach to Yoga is conveyed through constant encouragement of her students and her efforts to make a Yoga practice accessible to anyone who is eager to improve their mobility, functional capacity and ultimately their quality of life.

Hegel Yoga Studio, Tempe AZ

After nearly nine years of planning, creating and operating Hegel Yoga in Tempe, AZ , In 2017 Tish answered the call for change and sold the studio to Yoga for Today   to began a new journey in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Tish now travels back and forth often between Idaho and Arizona to teach workshops, private sessions, special events and group classes. You can contact Tish here.