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Virtual Class Prices



Single Class 7.00

Five Classes Pass 28.00

Ten Class Pass 56.00

all virtual classes 70 - 90 minutes

  • Class passes are valid for one year from purchase date.

  • Reservations can be canceled or rescheduled through the member app, up to class start time.

  • Easily manage your classes by becoming a site member with the link at top of page. 


1. Sign into your member account before booking. This will enable you to see and redeem your class packages. You can access or create your member account with the log in bar at the top of your screen. If you do not want a member account, and only want to purchase a single class pass, you can do this at the last step outlined below. 

2. Click the 'Book Online' tab in the main menu, or the 'Book Now' button under each class. 

3. Choose a class from the Book Online page. Click 'next availability' to see the next class date. You can also choose the class date from the calendar on this page if you know the date. Click the 'Next' button

4. Enter any client details that are needed. Check boxes for text reminders or recordings if you would like them.

Enter any messages if you would like to send one. In the drop down menu, you can choose the plan you would like to use, or purchase a new one. 

5. Add your class to the cart or click the 'Book Now' button. If you do not have a package, or do not want to create a member account, you can purchase a single class pass at this stage. If you have an unused single class pass you must create a member account to redeem. 

6. Once your register you will receive an email with the Zoom link for class. If you check the recording box you will get an email with the recording followoing class.


NOTE: You can preregister for multiple classes by adding classes to your cart, then choose the 'continue browsing' option to add more via the process above. 

All information you provide on the member account is private. 


Contact me here with any questions!

Thank you


 Classes ~ Summer 2024

Stretching on a Mat

Vinyasa Krama

Recording Only  ~ Mondays @ Noon

New classes recorded every week. Recordings emailed at noon every Monday to all who register. Recording available to view for seven days.

75 minute class. Strong level 1 and up

 Krama is a Sanskrit term meaning “succession.” Denoting a step-by-step progression or a sequence of events.

In Vinyasa Krama the asana practice takes a sequential approach in order to achieve a specific goal or intention. 

In this class you will experience a new intention each week, practicing a step-by-step sequence of postures with the intention of working toward a more complex posture. Options in each will be given for all levels of students. Props will be used and are recommended: blankets, blocks, strap, stable chair, bolster.  

Vinyasa krama practice is beneficial because it helps students to align themselves with the flowing and evolving nature of the universe, rather than being caught in the mindset of seeing each asana as a separate event that’s disconnected from the rest of the practice.

Yoga. African young man meditating on a floor and lying in Shavasana pose..jpg

Restorative Yoga 

with Yoga Nidra Meditation

Online in Real Time or Recording

Select Thursday Through the Summer

7:00-8:30 PM Pacific

All levels

See dates for classes below

Deeply relaxing. 60 minutes of gentle, restorative postures, followed by 30 minutes of guided Yoga Nidra meditation. Props will used, you will need a bolster, blankets, block(s), two small pillows or two towels, and a chair. No experience necessary, all levels. Click here for more information about this class. 


June 13, 27

July 11, 18

August 15, 29

Mature woman doing yoga

Classic Postures with Core & Meditation

Online in Real Time or Recording

No class July 4th

Tuesdays and Thursdays

9:30-10:45 AM Pacific 

All Levels

A well rounded sequence that begins with 15 minutes of strengthening, targeting the deep core muscles, gluteal muscles and abdominal wall. This portion of class is designed to build strength to will improve your Yoga asana (posture) practice, balance and low back health. Following the core segments we will move through the classic postures of Yoga with detailed alignment cues and plenty of time to breath in the postures. Following savasana there will be five minutes of silent meditation. 

Man practicing yoga in a turquoise urban background.jpg

Sunday Yoga with a Weekly Focus

Online in Real Time or Recording



9:30-10:40 AM Pacific

level 1 and up

See weekly focus schedule below

Slow transitions and detailed instructions in body alignment and prop placement to help you to create a safe and gentle practice. This class requires a stable chair near your mat that will be used as a prop for balance postures, hip openers and twists. Additional props needed are 1-2 yoga blocks, a firm blanket/large towel and a strap (apps 6' long). Good for beginners, students looking for a gentle, stress relieving format or those recovering from injury. Each week will have a specific focus:

1st Sunday: Spine/Back

2nd Sunday: Hips/Low Back

3rd Sunday: Core Strength

4th Sunday: Shoulders/Neck

5th Sunday: Balance

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