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Stretching on a Mat

Slow Vinyasa & Core Strength

(Online or In-Person)


3:30-4:45 PM PST

strong level 1 and up

Build critical strength in the core, back, legs and shoulders with the intention of improving stability and balance both on and off the mat. Each class will include 15 minutes of core strengthening with a variety of classic postures and their variations in a vinyasa flow format.

In-person class is held at Hayden Yoga in Hayden, Idaho. Register for in-person attendance at Hayden Yoga by clicking here.

Yoga Class

Level 1: Gentle Yoga (In Person)


Mondays (In-person)

5:30-6:45 PM PST

level 1 and up

Held at Hayden Yoga in Hayden, ID

Slow and details alignment instructions for each posture. 1/3 of the class will be in standing postures for improving strength and balance. 1/3 of the class will be in seated postures for increasing hip mobility. 1/3 of the class will be dedicated to relaxation and stress release in gentle restorative/yin postures. Register at Hayden Yoga using the button below.



Restorative Yoga 

with Yoga Nidra Meditation


Every other Thursday (Online)

7:00-8:30 PM PST

all levels

See dates for classes below

Deeply relaxing. Sixty minutes of gentle, restorative postures, followed by thirty minutes of guided Yoga Nidra meditation. Props will used, you will need a bolster, blankets, block(s), two small pillows or two towels, and a chair. No experience necessary, all levels. Click here for more information. 


Feb 22

March 21 (no class March 7)

Apr 4, 18

May 2, 16, 30

June 13, 27

Mature woman doing yoga

Yoga for Healthy Backs



Sundays (In-person)

1:30-2:45 PM PST

Gentle level 1 and up

Held at Hayden Yoga in Hayden, ID

A sequence designed for the back that will include a series of gentle postures that will focus on building strength and the deep back muscles and core, and stretching the large back muscles, neck, shoulders and low back. Register at Hayden Yoga using the link below. 


Man practicing yoga in a turquoise urban background.jpg

Classic Postures with a Weekly Focus


Sundays (Online)

9:30-10:40 AM PM PST

level 1 and up

See weekly focus schedule below

Slow transitions and detailed instructions in body alignment and prop placement to help you to create a safe and gentle practice. This class requires a stable chair near your mat that will be used as a prop for balance postures, hip openers and twists. Additional props needed are 1-2 yoga blocks, a firm blanket/large towel and a strap (apps 6' long). Good for beginners, students looking for a gentle, stress relieving format or those recovering from injury. Each week will have a specific focus:

1st Sunday: Spine/Back

2nd Sunday: Hips/Low Back

3rd Sunday: Core Strength

4th Sunday: Shoulders/Neck

5th Sunday: Balance

Virtual Class Prices

Single Class 7.00

Five Classes Pass 28.00

all virtual classes 70 - 90 minutes

In person class prices vary

Click the 'Book Now' button above to purchase classes and register for a class.

Reservations can be canceled through the website up to class start time.

Easily manage your classes by becoming a site member with the link at top of page. 

No refunds on classes, but you will receive a credit should you need to cancel props to class start time. 

Contact me here with any questions

Thank you

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