Thank you for registering for the Fall 2021, Coeur d'Alene Yoga & Ayurveda Retreat

To help us create the most rewarding experience we can for you, please submit the following registration form.

All information is private and seen only by Tish and the cooks (meal planning questions)


  1. April 15: Registration form and deposits (if not yet paid) are due.

  2. August 15: Final payment is due.

  3. September 1: Refund request deadline (minus the deposit).

  4. September15: You will receive driving directions to the ranch in the email your provide here

  5. October 1: I will be contacting each of you to find out what your travel arrangements are. It is helpful for me to have your cell numbers and your travel itinerary before your arrive so we know when to expect you. I will also be sending a suggested packing list at this time.

  6. COVID - PLEASE READ:  At the time of this writing, March 14, 2021, I am planning the following precautions regardless of any changes in Covid transmission rates by Fall 2021. It is possible that additional precautions will be needed this Fall, such as mask requirements. We can discuss the Covid situation later this Summer as it evolves, but, I want to address it now so you know I am working to keep everyone safe at the retreat. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


  • Fewer participants (maximum of eight rather than ten people)

  • The retreat house will be empty and aired out for 24-hours prior to each retreat

  • The house will be thoroughly cleaned prior to each retreat

  • Cleaning supplies and hand sanitizer will be in each bathroom, the yoga space, kitchen and dining areas with cleaning protocols posted.

  • Air purifiers will be placed in the Yoga and dining spaces

  • Dinner and lunch will be served in the larger, recreation room rather than the formal dining room. This will allow for more space at the table and increased air flow during meals. Self-serve breakfasts will be in the kitchen and formal dining areas. 

  • The kitchen will be closed during meal preparation times when the cook is working. (Before afternoon and evening meals)

  • Yoga mats will not be provided this year. Please bring your own mat.

  • Yoga props that will be provided (blocks, straps, chairs, blankets and bolsters) will be sanitized prior to the retreat and assigned to each participant when you arrive. 

  • After the longer, morning Yoga sessions windows will be opened for a period of time to air out the room.

  • Windows will be cracked whenever possible to improve ventilation.

  • Possible mask mandate while in the common areas of the house (This will be determined in early October when we know more about the virus status at that time).

Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
Retreat Registration Form October 2021 
Primary Reasons for Attending the Retreat:
YOGA & AYURVEDA EXPERIENCE (If you are experienced, please include in the notes section below your favorite style of practice and what you are currently practicing.)
What is your favorite category of Yoga postures?
What is your least favorite category of Yoga postures?
Weather permitting, would you be interested in either of the following activities?

Thank you & Namaste