Restorative Yoga with Heated Rice Bags, Essential Oils and Guided Meditation

Saturday, Nov 16, 7-9 PM

Gilbert, AZ


Release the effects of stress on the mind and body in this soothing, candle-lit class. Participants will be led through a sequence of gentle restorative Yoga postures designed to stretch the muscles of the back, shoulders and hips.


Breathing suggestions and exercises throughout class encourage the stimulation of the relaxation response in the body and calm the mind.


Heated rice bags and organic wintergreen oils placed on the low back and neck aid in releasing muscle tension. Class will close with a guided meditation. Essential lavender oil will be diffused throughout the room to enhance the experience.


Appropriate for all levels

DATE: Saturday, Nov 16, 7:00-9:00 PM

LOCATION: Gilbert Yoga, Gilbert AZ

6 E Palo Verde St #11, Gilbert, AZ 85296

TEACHER: Tish Hegel & Assistant Teacher, Freddie Espinoza

Preregistration required, no drop in's please

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