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The Yoga Mastery Program is designed for students who are interested in deepening their study and practice of Yoga and/or are unsure if they want to teach Yoga.The Master program focuses on you as the student of Yoga, with the goal being to deepen, and broaden, your understanding of a full practice of Yoga - one that includes the postures, breathing, meditation, the subtle body and Yoga philosophy. The spiritual components of Yoga will be discussed as we learn about Yoga Philosophy, though the extent that you adopt the spiritual aspects into you practice is up to you. An overview and understanding of how it relates to the physical posture practice will be covered. 


The Mastery Program Content Includes*

  • Detailed Yoga posture analysis & practice techniques

  • Yoga history and philosophy

  • Breathing techniques

  • Meditation

  • The Subtle Body 

*scroll down for more detailed content

You will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the program. The hours earned in the Mastery Program will count toward a Yoga teacher certificate, should you choose to continue your studies in the Skills of Teaching Program and teach Yoga. 

Students interested in earning their Yoga Teacher Training certificate (200 hrs) must complete the Yoga Mastery Program, the Yoga Anatomy Course, Yoga Physiology, and the Teaching Skills & Practicum programs. 

50 of the 100 hours in the Mastery Program will be recorded classes that you can complete at anytime. The remaining 50 hours are held live in real-time with Tish and guest teachers. Recordings of classes are available. 

Live classes will meet twice per month for 3.5 hours each. Click here for details on the Mastery Program

Unlimited virtual yoga classes at begin after your registration is complete. 

Yoga Teacher Training
(200 HRS - TOTAL)

Designed for students of Yoga who feel the calling to become a teacher of Yoga. Graduates may register with the National Yoga Alliance.


The National Yoga Alliance requires teachers to complete 200 hours of study in the areas of: 

  • Yoga Posture Analysis and Technique

  • Yogic Breathing Technique

  • Yoga History and Philosophy

  • Meditation

  • The Subtle Body

  • Anatomy, Physiology and Body Mechanics

  • Teaching Skills, Knowledge and Abilities

  • Teaching Ethics

  • Teaching Practicum

  • Professional Development

(scroll down for more details)

To become a certified Yoga teacher through Hegel Yoga you will need to complete the following programs...


*Yoga Mastery Program (100 hrs)

Yoga Anatomy & Kinesiology Course (31.5 hrs)

**Teaching Skills Program: (60 hrs)

***Yoga Physiology Workshops: (9 hrs)

*Yoga Mastery, and Yoga Anatomy, must be completed before taking the Skills of Teaching Program.

**The Skills of Teaching Program will begin in late Jan. 2025. Meeting dates and syllabus will be available soon.

***Yoga Physiology will be offered virtually over the Summer of '24 with Dr Amit Sahasrabudhe and Tish in three, three-hour workshops workshops. Recordings of the classes will be available 


100 Hr Yoga Mastery Program: 1199

35.0 Hr **Anatomy & Kinesiology: 299

55 Hr *Skills of Teaching & Practicum: 880

10 Hr *Yoga Physiology Workshops: 120

Totals                200 HRS: 2498.00

-Texts not included in costs

-Virtual classes at included with registration in the Anatomy, Mastery and Teacher Training Programs

*Dates to be announced for:

Yoga Physiology Workshops: Summer 24

Skills of & Practicum:

Late Jan - Fall 2025

**YTT Students are required to complete a take home anatomy exam following the anatomy program, and submit asana sequences based on principles taught in anatomy. 


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